Sandpoint Locations



The White Deer
This building is fairly new having been recently rebuilt after the old inn burnt down in the same fire that destroyed the original Sandpoint Cathedral. Run by a quiet Shoanti man, Garridan Viskalai, he keeps the prices of his rooms and board low to match the Rusty Dragon despite his rooms being much cleaner and more spacious. Garridan is the brother of Sheriff Belor Hemlock.

The Rusty Dragon


Risa’s Place
Known as much for Risa Magravi’s tales of ancient legends and myths as for its spiced potatoes and cider. It’s a favorite of the locals if only because of its out-of-the-way location ensures strangers rarely come by. Risa operated the tavern for the first 30 years of Sandpoint’s history but now she’s gone mostly blind and leaves most of the day to day affairs to her 3 children, Besk, Lanalee, and Vodger.

Cracktooth’s Tavern
A favorite of patrons of the Sandpoint Theater because of a large stage for performances. Owner Jesk “Cracktooth” Berinni looks like a thug but he’s well read and posses a scathing wit.

The Hagfish
One of Sandpoint’s most popular taverns among fishermen and gamblers. It is owned by a gregarious one-legged man named Jargie Quinn. It is named for the Varisian hagfish named Norah that lives in the large glass aquarium behind the bar. Anyone that drinks a tankard of “water” from Norah’s tank wins a leather pouch bulging with coins. It costs a silver to try and if you can keep it down, you keep however many coins have accumulated in the pouch. This tavern also has numerous games from dice to cards to darts.

Fatman’s Feedbag
Sandpoint’s most notorious tavern. Here bar fights are common as most of the clientele are less than reputable. Owned by Gressel Tenniwar, this tavern is oftern visited by Sheriff Hemlock to sort out fights and arrest Sczarni thugs.

Places of Interest


Junker’s Edge (6)
Garbage is dumped over the cliff and onto the beach below. The sea usually makes short work of the garbage but goblins from the Seven Tooth tribe regularly sneak along the coast to raid the garbage for scrap.

Sage (8)
Brodert Quinkk is a local scholar of Varisian history and engineering.


Town Hall (11)
Sandpoint’s mayor, Kendra Deverin can be found here. Also contains a meeting hall and a vault in the basement that functions as a bank.


Theater (23)
Financed by its larger-than-life owner, Cyrdak Drokkus, this is one of the most impressive theaters this side of Varisia. Cyrdrak uses his contacts in Magnimar to make sure the most exciting new productions in the big city are available in Sandpoint as well.

Madame Mvashti’s House (28)
An ancient, decrepit manor with one resident, Niska Mvashti. She was old when Sandpoint was founded decades ago. She is a seer that performs most of her readings with harrow cards or carved bones.

Two Knight Brewery (39)
Run by Gaven Deverin, it brews local mead, ale, and rum.


The Way North (4)
Maps and Sea Charts

Jeweler (5)

Locksmith (9)
Run by a flamboyant dwarf named Volioker Briskalberd. He has shown public disdain for the local criminal Sczarni

Savah’s Armory (12)

Rovanky Tannery (14)

Red Dog Smithy (15)
Run by a muscled man with a famous temper named Das Korvut.

The Pillbug’s Pantry (16)
Sells medicine and potions

Bottled Solutions (17)
Sells potions and alchemical products. Items purchased here have a reputation for not working as intended.

Sandpoint Savories (21)
Bakery run by Alma Avertin and her daughters. Sponsored the pie relay at the Swallowtail Festival.

The Curious Goblin (22)
Bookstore and gathering place for local intellectuals

General Store (26)
Run by Ven Vinder and his wife, Solsta. Well known store and Ven has much clout around Sandpoint. He dotes on his daughters but Katrine has a budding romance with that no-good Harker from the lumber mill. While he’s focusing on her, his younger daughter, Shayliss is developing her own unsavory reputation.

Vernah’s Fine Clothing (30)

Wheen’s Wagons (31)

Markets (34, 35, 36)
Sandpoint’s Fishmarket, Meat Market, and General Market are open air and feature the freshest products.

Goblin Squash Stables (38)
Tended by retired hunter whose hatred of goblins is legendary.

Sandpoint Boutique (41)

The Pixie’s Kitten (43)
Local brothel run by Kaye Tesarani.

The Feathered Serpent (44)
Local magic shop

Hannah’s (45)
Helps with aches, pains, and illnesses without boring people with religion.


Valdemar Manor (47)
This manor house commands a breathtaking view of Sandpoint and the harbor. Owned by the Valdemar family that run the shipbuilding and fishing industries. The head is old Ethram Valdemar who is the only member of the original Sandpoint Mercantile League still alive. His health is not great though but his eldest son, Belven, spends most of his time overseeing the Sandpoint Shipyard.

Scarnetti Manor (48)
The Scarnettis are Sandpoint’s most notorious noble family. Rumored to have criminal connections, the Scarnettis control Sandpoint’s mills and lumber industry. Run by Titus, the family is known for being conservative and clinging to outdated Chelish values.

Kaijitsu Manor (49)
While it is the smallest manor, it has the most expensive and exotic furnishings. Run by Lonjiku, the family runs the Glassworks which is the town’s most prosperous business. The family are exiled from Minkai which is where their exotic knowledge came from. The family is known for its issues as Lonjiku’s late wife had an affair with an unknown elf and gave birth to an estranged son. His daughter, Ameiko shamed him by becoming an adventurer then running a tavern and flophouse.

Deverin Manor (50)
While the Deverins are traditionally brewers, they are also known for their leadership and several have become mayors of Sandpoint. The current mayor, Kendra, is a Deverin. She beat out Titus Scarnetti for the role which he has yet to forgive her for which leads to tension between the two families.

Sandpoint Locations

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