Sanpoint Nobles

There are 4 noble families that founded Sandpoint by forming the Sandpoint Mercantile League and still control its operation.

Deverin Family
The Deverins brought their farming and brewing knowledge to Sandpoint. around Sandpoint. They have traditionally held leadership roles as Amos served as the town’s first mayor for 23 years and his son, Fenchus, served as it’s second. The current mayor is Kendra, Amos’ youngest daughter. She beat Titus Scarnetti in the election which he is still bitter about. She shares her rather large manor with her brother’s large family including her sister-in-law, Vana, who is known to complain about everything.

Kaijitsu Family
The Kaijitsus brought their glassmaking to Sandpoint. They built and run the Sandpoint Glassworks. Rokuro was one of the founding members of Sandpoint, and his son, Lonjiku, now keeps the family traditions going. While successful at busines, Lonjiku’s family life has not done so well. His wife gave birth to a bastard half-elf that brought shame upone the house. His wife later gave birth to a daughter, Ameiko, that was legitimately Lonjiku’s. However, she soon shamed him by becoming an adventurer and then taking over an inn instead the family work. Finally, about 5 years ago, his wife died and while at the funeral, he got in an arguement with his bastard son which ended when Lonjiku struck him with his cane and kicked him out of his house. Since then he has become a bitter old man well known for his temper.

Scarnetti Family
The Scarnettis brought their logging skills to Sandpoint and control the mills and lumber industry. They are Sandpoint’s most notorious noble family. During the initial settlement, Alamon tried to raid a local Varisian settlement, killing 5 Varisians. It was only through the diplomacy of Almah Deverin that the town was settled at all. Many older Varisians still haven’t forgotten or forgiven the Scarnettis. The current head of the family is Alamon’s only son, Titus, but he has his own scandals following him as all the local mills that are not run by the Scarnettis have mysteriously burned down. Locals whisper that he is working with the Sczarni, the local Varisian crime syndicate. He is trying to disprove these rumors by offering discount pricing on all lumber till the other mills can be rebuilt. He is also sponsoring charity work such as donating heavily to the Sandpoint Cathedral construction and helping pay for local orphans to attend the Academy. The Scarnettis are also Sandpoint’s most traditional family; clinging to old Chelish values that most consider outdated today.

Valdemar Family
The Valdemars control Sandpoint’s shipbuilding and fishing industries. As such they are susceptible to Scarnetti influence as the Valdemars need Scarnetti wood for their ships. The family is run by old Ethram who is the only member of the original Mercantile League still alive. His health has been failing in recent years and is mostly bedridden these days. The next head of the family is Ethram’s oldest son, Belven, a handsome and available bachelor that spends most of his time focused on his work at the Shipyard.

Sanpoint Nobles

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